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Simpsonville Sewer Camera Inspections

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Sewer Camera Inspections in Simpsonville, SC

If you require a reliable video sewer camera inspection in Simpsonville, SC, look no further than KT Plumbing. Simply give us a call, and our team will promptly arrive at your location. We understand the importance of providing you with detailed images of your sewer line, allowing you to make well-informed decisions regarding home purchases or necessary repairs.

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Understanding Simpsonville Sewer Camera Inspections

A sewer camera inspection in Simpsonville, SC entails utilizing a flexible cable equipped with a camera, which is inserted into your sewer line. This camera provides a comprehensive 360-degree view, enabling us to identify any obstructions, buildup, cracks, breaks, or other issues. Additionally, the camera helps us detect any sagging or low points in your sewer line that may require attention.


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When to Schedule a Sewer Camera Inspection in Simpsonville, SC

Consider reaching out to us for a sewer camera inspection in Simpsonville, SC in the following situations:


● You need to repair your sewer line but are unsure about the exact problem or its location.

● You are in the process of purchasing a property and want to ensure there are no hidden sewer-related surprises.

● You have lost a valuable item down a drain and wish to determine if it is lodged in your sewer line.

Benefits of a Simpsonville Sewer Camera Inspection

Opting for a sewer camera inspection in Simpsonville provides several advantages, including:


● Affordability: It offers cost-effective access to information that could have significant financial implications.

● Efficiency: The process is quick and straightforward, providing immediate results.

● Real-time Viewing: If desired, you can observe the inspection alongside our plumber, witnessing your sewer line’s condition in real time.

● Item Recovery: In the event of lost items down the drain, the camera and cable may facilitate easy finding and retrieval, eliminating the need to excavate your sewer line or replace the lost item.

The Process of a Simpsonville Sewer Camera Inspection

A sewer camera inspection in Simpsonville, SC starts with a camera attached to a flexible cable. Our plumber will determine the most suitable access point, typically a basement hatch or an exterior location.


The camera will be guided through your sewer line, capturing video footage throughout the inspection. If necessary, toilets will be flushed and water will be run to observe the sewer line’s response.


In the case of identified issues, the camera may remain in the line for a few minutes to enable signal detection from your yard, precisely pinpointing the problem location for better repair planning.


Moreover, if a lost item is discovered, it may be retrieved using the camera and cable. Finally, you will receive a recording of your sewer line for personal reference once the inspection is completed.

Schedule Your Simpsonville Sewer Camera Inspection Today!

Contact KT Plumbing now to schedule your sewer camera inspection in Simpsonville, SC. Rest assured, we will promptly provide you with the images and information you need to comprehend the condition of your drains.

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