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Taylors, SC Sewer Camera Inspections

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Sewer Camera Inspections in Taylors, SC

When you need a reliable video sewer inspection in Taylors, SC, turn to KT Plumbing. Just give us a call, and we’ll swiftly be at your service. We’ll provide you with the sewer line images you require, empowering you to make informed decisions, whether you’re considering a home purchase or sewer repairs.

What Is a Sewer Inspection?

A sewer inspection in Taylors, SC entails sending a camera attached to a flexible cable down your sewer line. This camera offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of your line, enabling us to identify clogs, buildup, cracks, breaks, and other issues. Moreover, it helps us identify any bellies or dips in your sewer line that may require attention.

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When to Schedule a Sewer Inspection in Taylors, SC

We recommend scheduling a sewer inspection in Taylors, SC in several scenarios, including:


● When you require sewer line repairs but are uncertain about the problem’s location or nature.

● When you’re in the process of purchasing a property and wish to ensure there are no unexpected sewer-related surprises.

● When you’ve lost a valuable item down a drain and wish to verify if it’s lodged in your sewer line.

Benefits of a Taylors, SC Sewer Inspection

A Taylors, SC sewer inspection offers numerous advantages, such as:


● The option to observe the sewer inspection in real time alongside our plumber.

● A swift and hassle-free process with immediate results.

● Cost-effective access to critical information that can yield substantial benefits.

● The possibility of recovering lost valuables without resorting to sewer line excavation

Taylors, SC Sewer Camera Inspection Process

A Taylors, SC sewer inspection kicks off with a camera mounted on a flexible cable. Our plumber will identify the most suitable access point to your sewer line, typically a hatch in your basement or exterior.


The camera will be guided down your sewer line, recording footage along the way. To observe how your sewer line responds when drains are used, we may flush toilets and run water as needed.


Should we identify an issue, we may leave the camera in the line for a brief period, allowing us to pinpoint its location from your yard and plan the repair accordingly.


In instances involving lost items, the camera and cable may aid in retrieval. Upon completion, you’ll receive a recording of your sewer line for your personal reference.

Schedule Your Taylors, SC Sewer Inspection Today!

Contact KT Plumbing without delay to schedule your sewer inspection in Taylors, SC. We’ll promptly arrive at your location, providing you with the necessary sewer line images to shed light on what’s transpiring within your drains. Don’t wait—call us today!

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