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Duncan, SC Sewer Camera Inspections

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Sewer Camera Inspections in Duncan, SC

If you’re in Duncan, SC and need a video sewer inspection, look no further than KT Plumbing. Give us a call, and we’ll be on our way in no time. We’ll provide you with clear images of your sewer line, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions, whether it’s about buying a new home or addressing necessary repairs.

Understanding Duncan, SC Sewer Inspections

A sewer inspection in Duncan, SC is a process where we send a camera attached to a flexible cable down your sewer line. This camera offers a complete 360-degree view of your line, enabling us to identify any issues such as clogs, buildup, cracks, breaks, or other problems. It can also pinpoint any bellies or dips in your sewer line that require attention.

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When to Consider a Sewer Inspection in Duncan, SC

We recommend a sewer inspection in Duncan, SC in several scenarios, including:


● When you need sewer line repairs but are unsure of the problem’s location or nature.

● When you’ve lost a valuable item down a drain and wish to determine if it’s stuck in your sewer line.

● When you’re in the process of purchasing a property and want to rule out any hidden sewer issues.

Benefits of a Duncan, SC Sewer Inspection

Opting for a sewer inspection in Duncan, SC offers numerous advantages, such as:


● Real-time viewing: You have the option to watch the inspection along with our plumber, providing real-time insights.

● Cost-effectiveness: It’s a relatively affordable way to gather valuable information that can save you from major headaches.

● Lost item retrieval: In case of a lost item, the camera and cable may facilitate retrieval without the need to excavate the sewer line.

● Speed and ease: The process is quick, straightforward, and you receive immediate results.

How Does a Duncan, SC Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

A Duncan, SC sewer inspection starts with a camera attached to a flexible cable. Our plumber will determine the best access point, typically a hatch in your basement or outside. They will then feed the camera down your sewer line, recording the entire journey. To observe the sewer’s behavior when draining, they may flush toilets or run water.


If an issue is detected, the camera might be left in the line briefly to assist in locating the problem from your yard. This aids in planning any necessary repairs. In case of a lost item, the camera and cable can potentially retrieve it. Once the inspection is complete, you’ll receive a recording of your sewer line for your records.

Schedule Your Duncan, SC Sewer Inspection Today

Reach out to KT Plumbing now to schedule your sewer inspection in Duncan, SC. We’ll promptly provide you with the images you need to gain a better understanding of your sewer line’s condition. Don’t wait, contact us today and get the insights you require for peace of mind.

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