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Drain Cleaning In Duncan, SC

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Drain Cleaning in Duncan, SC

When those pipes in Duncan, SC are causing you grief, don’t fret – KT Plumbing has your back. We’re the go-to crew for drain cleaning, and we’re all about helping you bust that clog and get things flowing smoothly again. We’re in the business of putting things back to normal, pronto.

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Signs You Need Drain Cleaning in Duncan, SC

Not sure if it’s time to summon a plumber for those drains? Whether you’re contemplating a DIY solution or pondering the gravity of the issue, here’s when you should definitely ring us up for drain cleaning in Duncan:


● That stubborn clog just won’t quit, no matter your efforts.

● You find yourself dealing with a sewage backup – not a pleasant situation.

● Your clog stands its ground, ignoring your regular drain-cleaning tactics.

● Either you’re not keen on tackling the drain cleanup yourself, or your DIY approach went awry.

What Causes Clogged Drains in Duncan, SC?

Clogged drains in Duncan, SC can be triggered by a host of culprits. Sometimes, it’s simply the result of aging pipes accumulating gunk over time. On other occasions, that troublesome clog may be a hardened blob of fat and debris, courtesy of someone’s ill-fated disposal habits.


Uninformed guests can unwittingly contribute to the issue, tossing feminine products, cotton balls, dental floss, and more down the drain. And believe it or not, even tree roots can enter the drain game, causing clogs to rear their ugly heads. But worry not, our plumbers are here to investigate, unclog, and offer tips to prevent a recurrence.

Our Duncan, SC Drain Cleaning Services

Our array of drain cleaning services in Duncan, SC covers it all:


● Kitchen Drain Cleaning

● Bathroom Drain Cleaning

● Commercial Drain Cleaning

● Residential Drain Cleaning

● Sewer Line Drain Cleaning

● Handling Stubborn Sewer Clogs

● Routine Drain Maintenance

How We Tackle Those Stubborn Clogs in Duncan, SC

We’re not one-trick ponies when it comes to freeing those clogs in Duncan, SC. Our arsenal includes various techniques. Sometimes, we unleash the plumbing snake to pinpoint and demolish the clog. On other occasions, different mechanical or chemical methods are called into play.


If the stubborn intruder is lurking in your sewer line, we typically bring out the heavy artillery: hydro jetting. This process entails directing a high-pressure stream of water into your lines to shatter and dislodge the clogs.

Don’t Let That Clog Linger – Call Us For Drain Cleaning In Duncan, SC!

When a clogged drain becomes a thorn in your side in Duncan, SC, don’t hesitate to reach out to contact us at KT Plumbing. Our professional plumbers will make their way to your doorstep pronto, armed with the solutions you need. Whether it’s day or night, just give us a call when you’re ready to bid that clog farewell.

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